Working IRL (= In Real Life)

Does your workplace culture help employees center around your company’s mission and vision?

Does the organization help individuals understand their role and how their input works toward achieving the big picture, so they truly know they are valued and not just another cog in the wheel?

Do you allow individuals to contribute and encourage venturing into uncharted waters, so they can contribute in a more valued way? If you do, do you encourage them only when they succeed, or do you help them see the growth gained when they lose?

Are you stepping out and modeling taking a chance?

As an entrepreneur, I encourage myself to step up and grow to keep moving forward. I support myself in these objectives by taking time out to:



Walk About



These help me clarify & align with my values and objectives and trust that all will work out in the end. When was the last time you did that at work or at home? For me it is a way of life.

I also stay in touch with thought leaders whose values appear to be in alignment with my own. By reading on #LinkedIn I became aware of #DisruptHR which has the intention of being “an information exchange designed to energize, inform and #empowerpeople in the HR field.”

#MRA (#Thank you) sponsored the event and since the mission aligned with my intention I applied to participate at the Minneapolis event and was accepted!


...And then my default mode mind jumped in and started doubting (i.e.: which is the opposite of mindfulness)

hmmm, what did I just do?

I paused, (i.e.: that is when mindfulness can come in) and realized I had given myself a stretch goal.

Yeah me! 😉 lol !

The talks are 5 minutes long, similar in format to a Ted Talk but since I normally hit my stride when speaking @ 7 minutes into a presentation, I knew I needed to prepare. Truthfully, I was excited for the event and started my preparation which gave me confidence to move forward.

The day of the event my husband was more nervous than I was.

He needed to relax because the neuroscience shows that due to mirror neurons we are impacted by the emotions of those around us.

Well the crowd and especially, the emcee was great, and it made the event so much fun! I decided to keep my focus on the audience and off myself and this seemed to make all the difference.

The results ~ See for yourself in the video below.

Is it perfect? ~ Heck no,

but it is a step in the direction I want to go. Like an athlete watching game tapes, I’ll review and re-review to improve my skills the next time. I share this because I want to live in a world where we can try and occasionally fall, hopefully learn, and integrate the lesson which is in alignment with my goal of continuous growth and achieving stretch goals.

If you have nice, constructive feedback, I welcome you to comment below. It would be like having my own ‘virtual company’ feedback program 😉. You Rock if you share!

If you want to learn more about ‘awesome culture” listen to what Mel Torguson had to say at another DisruptHR event ~ She’s at the top of this page!

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