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Meet Lucy My Workday Body Guide

Meet Lucy

When I am not onsite at a client, I frequently work from home writing. As I get going, I also frequently forget to check in with the signals my body is sending. Meet Lucy - she is my #1 helper in reminding me to check in.

Lucy's thirsty, I get up to get her a drink (because yeah Lucy refuses to drink from her bowl she wants to drink out of the tub - yes, she's trained us well), I then notice have I had anything besides coffee so far today?

Hmm.. time for a drink, of the H20 variety.

Lucy starts whining....check in...Have I moved from the fixed typing position in the past hour?

Time for a walk.

Thanks Lucy

very grateful for your frequent reminders to attend to my bodily needs. Also for the great reminder that when I stop and play occasionally my creativity improves.

You may not want to purchase a 170 pound Mastiff to serve as your reminder, or your boss may not be receptive to the slobber across the desktops.

You don't need a Lucy, but those devices you rely on.... have wonderful timers, that can be set to periodically remind you to take care of these very basic needs that sometimes get lost as we plod through our day. Taking a break allows you to return to the workday refreshed and less likely to build up accumulated stress in your body because you took care of your essential body functions.

...and don't forget to stop in the middle of the road (or office kitchen) and

check out the view - who knows what might inspire you!

#Embodiment #MilwaukeeMindfulness #WaukeshaMindfulness #CorporateMindfulness

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