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Shifting Your Thoughts Workshop

Updated: Apr 22

Many generous, loving, ambitious women, who want to live life on their own terms, but never find time, may look forward to this workshop.

Exploring Mindfulness through Samskara Mapping

A Samskara is a repetitive thought pattern. If you find that you:

• Are having difficulty shifting those repetitive thoughts

• Reflexively say yes to too many obligations

• Lose too many hours on social media

• Have a family member that activates your nervous system during gatherings

• Feel there may be a pattern in your life that is not supporting your highest self

This workshop is for you!

Samskara Mapping is the identification of mental, emotional and physical thought patterns in our consciousness.

If you are ready to change a reactive or old pattern that is no longer serving you, this workshop series begins this process. By recreating the pattern in slow motion or mapping the process from start to end, we explore the physical and mental sensations that occur.

We can learn to recognize our choice points, the times in a situation when we can stop, reflect and change our responses as well as discover ways to layer on mindful therapeutic tools to facilitate positive growth. This workshop will help you to:

• Identify a thought or reactionary pattern that is not serving you

• Discover reflexive & reactive choice points

• Cultivate intention for positive change

• Develop awareness of the source for the response at the choice point

• Create vision of new response through use of therapeutic tools

May 2, 9, & 16 from 10:00-12:00 (3 days for 2 hours each) $99 for the series

Questions or RSVP to connie@conniec.net

Held electronically on Zoom – link provided after RSVP.

Offered by: Mindfulness & RYT 500, MBA, Connie Cudnohowski. Connie has been teaching yoga and mindfulness for over 10 years. She has been interested in the intersection of the neuroscience of the mind body connection and personal leadership for many years.


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